You must take the same safety precautions as you would with any stranger.
Dating safely:
•    Meet your date in a public place
•    Tell someone where you will be meeting and what time you expect to be back
•    Have money and a mobile phone with you so that you can leave easily if something doesn’t feel right
•    Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum- stay alert and aware of your surroundings
•    Don’t accept lifts off your date until you know them very well. There is not much you can do if something is not right and you are stuck in a car!
•    Plan how you are going to get home
•    Do not walk home alone in the dark
•    Book a taxi in advance if dating during their busiest periods or if you are in a rural area
Be especially careful revealing information about your children, if you have them. Wait until you are in a committed relationship before introducing your partner to them

Safety online:
•    Be careful about sharing your full name – it is remarkable how much information people will be able to find out from a search engine
•    Be aware of your safety online – don’t post your address or where you work to any public profiles
•    Don’t add someone on Facebook unless you know them properly and make sure your profile is set to private
•    Don’t send any pictures by text or email that you wouldn’t feel comfortable posting publicly